Work place injuries impact your life and your entire family. We can help you get all your benefits!

  •  What do I need to do if I am injured at work?

A. Tell your supervisor right away.
Get emergency treatment if you need it. Your employer may tell you where to go for treatment.  Advise the health care provider who treats you that your injury or illness is job-related. Fill out a claim form and give it to your employer. Your employer must give or mail you a claim form within one working day after learning about your injury or illness. If your employer doesn’t give you the claim form you can download it from the forms page of the DWC website,

  •   Do I need to fill out the claim form that my Employer handed me?

A. Absolutely.  This form opens up your workers compensation claim and starts the process for obtaining all benefits you may qualify for under current state law.  Some of the benefits you will receive may include the following:  Medical treatment for injuries up to $10,000.00 while the Employer and/or  its insurance company considers your claim, temporary disability benefits (checks) for the time period that you are not able to work due to the injuries, resolving disagreements between you and your Employer.

  • Will I lose my job because of this injury?

A.  The law prohibits employers from discriminating against and/or terminating injured workers due to work-related injuries.  Nonetheless, circumstances before, after and during the time of your injury may play to the employer’s advantage if the employer’s desire is to terminate you. This is why it is very important to call an attorney and discuss the facts of your injury and options that you have.  Once you are hurt at work, timing applies due to something that we call statute of limitations, which limits your ability to file a claim after a time-lapse from the date that you were hurt.

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